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Reverend Horton Heat

Ages 10+ Only
at The Korova
107 E. Martin St., San Antonio, TX 78205
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with special guests: Two Tons Of Steel Dale Watson Doors: 7:00 Loaded .38s, space heaters, and big skies. Welcome to the lethal littered landscape of Jim Heaths imagination. True to his high evangelical calling, Jim is a Revelator, both revealing & reinterpreting the country-blues-rock roots of American music. Hes a time-travelling space-cowboy on a endless interstellar musical tour, and we are all the richer & psychobillier for getting to tag along. Seeing Reverend Horton Heat live is a transformative experience. Flames come off the guitars. Heat singes your skin. Theres nothing like the primal tribal rock & roll transfiguration of a Reverend Horton Heat show. Jim becomes a slicked-back 1950s rock & roll shaman channeling Screamin Jay Hawkins through Buddy Holly, while Jimbo incinerates the Stand-Up Bass like Jerry Lee Lewis on steroids. And then there are the Heatettes. Those foxy rockabilly chicks dressed in poodle-skirts and cowboy boots dreamily dancing the night away. Its like being magically transported into a Teen Exploitation picture from the 1950s thats currently taking place in the future. Listening to the Reverend Horton Heat is tantamount to injecting pure musical nitrous into the hot-rod engine of your heart. The Reverends commandants are simple. Rock hard, drive fast, and live true. And no band on this, or any other, planet rocks harder, drives faster, or lives truer than the Reverend Horton Heat. These itinerant preachers actually practice what they preach. They live their lives by the Gospel of Rock & Roll. From the High-Octane Spaghetti-Western Wall of Sound in Big Sky to the dark driving frenetic paranoia of 400 Bucks - to the brain-melting Western Psychedelic Garage purity of Psychobilly Freakout. The Revs music is the perfect soundtrack to the Drive-In Movie of your life. Jim Heath & Jimbo Wallace have chewed up more road than the Google Maps drivers. For twenty-five Psychobilly years, they have blazed an indelible, unforgettable, and meteoric trail across the American musical landscape with their unique blend of musical virtuosity, legendary showmanship, and mythic imagery. Okay its time for me to put this loaded gun down, jump in my Five-Oh Ford, and nurture my pig on the outskirts of Houston. Ill be bringing my love whip. See yall later. C. M. Talkington Writer/Director Love & A .45
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